April Dream Seekers meeting on Monday, April 27th

On Monday, April 27th, Jackie will present a program on volunteer options.  If you’ve every wanted volunteer you will want to check this out.  Our meal starts at 5:30pm.  Babysitting is provided if you RSVP at 816-324-4931.  Hope to see you there!


March 30th is our next meeting

Dear Friends,

Please come to the March 30th Dream Seekers of St. Joseph meeting at the First Christian Church at 10th and Faraon.  We start with a potluck meal at 5:30 pm and our March program will be on Financial Strategies lead by Marianne and Jackie.  Jackie will also do a presentation on goal setting.  Hope you can make it!

A big thank you to Ernie Hall for her presentation at our February meeting on movement and planning to be fit.

Please call Gary at 816-324-4931 or email him at info1@kincaidgardens.com to RSVP. Babysitting is provided if you let us know you are coming and how many children you are bringing.  All are welcome.

February 2015 Wants, Needs and Offers

Marianne is happy to help with a Dream Path

Ron is happy to help with a Dream Path

Brook and Garrett need baby boy clothes 0-6 months and want kitchen and bedroom household items  816-205-6605

Sarah needs storage containers 816-248-9842

Jane needs a chicken feeder 816-341-6171

Debbie needs size 3X winter long pants and summer size 3X dresses

Amber needs prayer and yarn for a blanket

Teddy needs bed sheets for a full size and a queen size bed.

Amber needs a King James Bible

Chastity needs prayer for everything

Mary needs prayer for better health

Edith needs a place to do laundry and prayer for ordeal for varicose veins

Bethany needs way to get to job applications

Ashley needs baby stuff in coming months.  She is 4 months pregnant

Bob needs grinder for metal- happy to borrow it.

Lydia needs a way to Weston to get a bike and other stuff in a storage facility, she also needs things for a 5year old –size 4-5, shoes size 10 -10 and ½, and money to pay last $150 for pet deposit and catfood.

JR needs prayer for he and others to get their children back. He offers to do carpentry if you provide the tools.

January 2015 Wants, Needs, and Offers

Melanie needs a recliner/rocking chair and offers babysitting and house cleaning

Brandon needs an electric can opener and offers men’s pants size 38x 32.

Don offers to help Brandon with this Dream Path

Gary offers to be a Dream Seeker motivator

Amanda needs size 8 winter boots, wants 18-24 month boy clothes, and offers baby clothes

Sara needs pull-ups size 5 and wipes

Ron offers to be a Dream motivator

Jean needs prayers for the end of the Death Penalty and offers to be a Dream motivator

Ellen offers to be a Dream motivator

Chastitiy needs pull-ups size 5-6 and prayers for a  place to live 3-4 bedroom.  She wants size 12-18 month boys and clothes and baby girls clothes.

Kyler needs the Book Geronimo Stilton

Brian needs a dresser.  He wants more books to read and will volunteer to help others

John offered a dresser to Brian!!!

Edye needs size 11 tennis shoes and an android phone or straight talk, and size 26 skirts.  816-341-5642

Gail needs prayer

Alia needs prayer for eye health

Amber needs prayer for a sick baby and more yarn and a phone.

Crystal needs baby clothes for newborn boy plus all the other stuff a baby needs.

Jane needs little knick-knacks for classroom prize drawer  816-341-6171

Crystal needs isze 4 diapers 885-0407

Marianne needs newborn diapers for Catholic Charities  232-2885

Marianne offers children’s hats and gloves  232-2885

Wants, Needs, and Offers December 2014

Wants, Needs, and Offers – December 2014
Destiny – wants winter boots size 9
Amanda needs winter boots size 8 and wants baby boy clothing sizes 18 month to 24 month.
Gary offers men’s large shirts
Marianne needs prayer for all the families struggling with high utility bills, food insecurity, and other needs. Praise God for other agencies that are able to help with these needs.
Melanie needs a recliner / rocking chair and XL Depends. She offers babysitting.
Brandon needs size 40 x 32 pants or jeans.
Ira needs size 2X thermal underwear. He offers to clean house.
Jane needs knick knacks for prize drawer at school.
Don offers research for people on the internet.
Brook and Garret need baby boy clothing for 0-6 month old. She wants kitchen, bedroom and household items. 205-6605
Jean needs prayer for a moratorium on the Death Penalty.

January 26th is our next Dream Seekers of St. Joseph meeting!

Last night’s December 1st meeting was enjoyed by all with a delicious holiday meal and appetizers. Jackie wrote and directed a fun and meaningful play, “The Grouch of Christmas”. It was acted out by willing participants from the gathering. Jane lead fun games such as drawing a scene on a paper plate as the plate sat on our heads. Then another game where we filled in categories and compared answers with our table mates. Prizes were tasty treats. Of course we ended with Wants, Needs and Offers and Appreciation around each table. Thank you to all who were able to get out on a cold night.

Our next meeting will be January 26th at the First Christian Church downtown at 10th and Faraon with a meal starting at 5:30 pm. Please call Gary at 816-324-4931 or email him at info1@kincaidgardens.com to RSVP. Babysitting is provided if you let us know you are coming and how many children you are bringing. Hope to see you there. All are welcome!