January 2015 Wants, Needs, and Offers

Melanie needs a recliner/rocking chair and offers babysitting and house cleaning

Brandon needs an electric can opener and offers men’s pants size 38x 32.

Don offers to help Brandon with this Dream Path

Gary offers to be a Dream Seeker motivator

Amanda needs size 8 winter boots, wants 18-24 month boy clothes, and offers baby clothes

Sara needs pull-ups size 5 and wipes

Ron offers to be a Dream motivator

Jean needs prayers for the end of the Death Penalty and offers to be a Dream motivator

Ellen offers to be a Dream motivator

Chastitiy needs pull-ups size 5-6 and prayers for a  place to live 3-4 bedroom.  She wants size 12-18 month boys and clothes and baby girls clothes.

Kyler needs the Book Geronimo Stilton

Brian needs a dresser.  He wants more books to read and will volunteer to help others

John offered a dresser to Brian!!!

Edye needs size 11 tennis shoes and an android phone or straight talk, and size 26 skirts.  816-341-5642

Gail needs prayer

Alia needs prayer for eye health

Amber needs prayer for a sick baby and more yarn and a phone.

Crystal needs baby clothes for newborn boy plus all the other stuff a baby needs.

Jane needs little knick-knacks for classroom prize drawer  816-341-6171

Crystal needs isze 4 diapers 885-0407

Marianne needs newborn diapers for Catholic Charities  232-2885

Marianne offers children’s hats and gloves  232-2885


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