February 2015 Wants, Needs and Offers

Marianne is happy to help with a Dream Path

Ron is happy to help with a Dream Path

Brook and Garrett need baby boy clothes 0-6 months and want kitchen and bedroom household items  816-205-6605

Sarah needs storage containers 816-248-9842

Jane needs a chicken feeder 816-341-6171

Debbie needs size 3X winter long pants and summer size 3X dresses

Amber needs prayer and yarn for a blanket

Teddy needs bed sheets for a full size and a queen size bed.

Amber needs a King James Bible

Chastity needs prayer for everything

Mary needs prayer for better health

Edith needs a place to do laundry and prayer for ordeal for varicose veins

Bethany needs way to get to job applications

Ashley needs baby stuff in coming months.  She is 4 months pregnant

Bob needs grinder for metal- happy to borrow it.

Lydia needs a way to Weston to get a bike and other stuff in a storage facility, she also needs things for a 5year old –size 4-5, shoes size 10 -10 and ½, and money to pay last $150 for pet deposit and catfood.

JR needs prayer for he and others to get their children back. He offers to do carpentry if you provide the tools.


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