January 26th is our next Dream Seekers of St. Joseph meeting!

Last night’s December 1st meeting was enjoyed by all with a delicious holiday meal and appetizers. Jackie wrote and directed a fun and meaningful play, “The Grouch of Christmas”. It was acted out by willing participants from the gathering. Jane lead fun games such as drawing a scene on a paper plate as the plate sat on our heads. Then another game where we filled in categories and compared answers with our table mates. Prizes were tasty treats. Of course we ended with Wants, Needs and Offers and Appreciation around each table. Thank you to all who were able to get out on a cold night.

Our next meeting will be January 26th at the First Christian Church downtown at 10th and Faraon with a meal starting at 5:30 pm. Please call Gary at 816-324-4931 or email him at info1@kincaidgardens.com to RSVP. Babysitting is provided if you let us know you are coming and how many children you are bringing. Hope to see you there. All are welcome!


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