September Wants, Needs and Offers

Sarah needs size 5 diapers

Danielle is looking for reliable day care for children ages, 2, 3, and 7

Skylar wants a CD player backpack ( in orange)

Gail needs prayers for baby Joseph’s family.

Amber needs funds to pay for the funeral flowers for baby Joseph’s funeral

Mike needs a twin sized mattress and box springs set

Chastity needs prayer for energy and getting moved. Then volunteer work. She wants 6 to 9 month clothing and baby teethers. She needs size 4 and size 6 diapers. She offers size 10-12 girl clothes.

Jean needs prayers for people on death row.

Jane wants things for the school prize drawer. She has a small humidifier to offer.

Edye needs a temporary place to live till she gets an apartment. She wants prayer for her court date for disability on November 20th. She offers to pray for others.

Carol needs prayer for special intention.

Brian needs prayer and a dresser.

Alia needs toilet paper and prayer for getting her son, Mark, back in CA. She wants clothes size 3x and pants size 20W.

Brandon needs furniture for living room, XL shirts and clothes 40/32.

Nancy offers prayers for everyone.

Melanie needs a rocking chair/recliner. She offers to babysitting or mow.


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