Wants, Needs and Offers for August 2014

Destiny wants prayer for her grandfather Steve who has cancer.
Nancy wants prayer for her daughter who is traveling to and from St. Louis all within a 24 hour period.

Offer: Mammo-Thon put on by Heartland Health: Free mammograms for anyone over 40 Friday September 26th 6pm through 6pm Saturday, Sept. 27. Appointment and pre-registration are necessary. call 271-1278 M-Th. 7am -5:50pm and Friday, 7am-4:30pm.

Offer: Coleman Hawkins Blues Festival Friday, September 12 6pm-9:30pm and Saturday, September 13 3-9:30pm at Coleman Hawkins Park, Seventh and Felix, St. Joseph, MO.

Offer: Does your house need repairs? The Community Development Office with the City of St. Joseph has HUD funding available to help. call 816-271-4609 or visit http://www.stjoemo.info/planning/commdev.cfm

Brian: needs large t-shirt for work.

Jane: needs pens and pencils for her students.

Debbie: needs prayer.

Edye: needs prayer for possible UTI and for court appointment for disability, and for scoliosis pain. Please pray for those affected by the California earthquake.

Carol: needs prayer for health and traffic ticket and a place to live.

Melanie has double pneumonia please pray for healing.


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