Wants, Needs, and Offers for May 2014

Melanie 273-4457 – needs a recliner and a rocking chair.  She offers to mow grass.

Brandon 671-9403 – needs table, couch, tv stand, kitchen items

Marianne 232-2885-ext. 239 needs baby clothes for a newborn boy

Amber 341-7019 needs clothes size 10-12 misses and prayers

Jean 671-9281 needs prayer to end the death penalty

Debbie 398-3290 needs ladies clothes 3XL and a package of dice

Brian 398-3290 needs prayer as his mother passed away

Zach 205-5631 needs x-box games

Ron 232-8449 needs an organist for Masses

Destiny 248-9638 needs a picture album

Sarah 248-9841 needs tray type wooden puzzles

Don let us know about the 2014 Imagine Eleven concerts that are at 6 PM Sundays at the Coleman Hawkins Park in Felix Street Square.  He also mentioned the “Sounds of Summer” Concert Series on Fridays in June and July 6-9 PM at the same location.



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