Wants, Needs, and Offers April 2014

Debbie  617-1817  needs a walker

Amber  needs a bed and prayers for herself, Brian and Sonia for recovery from a car accident

Cat 505-419-7591  needs XL misses clothing

April 205-6231 offers 2 indoor cats, wants a new car

Angie needs a shark painting

Sarah wants a case of paper

Tony wants zippers

Mel wants an x-box, and DVD’s

Destiny wants prayer as she lost her cat to a car accident and for Nathaniel who is on crutches and for her grandmother who had knee surgery, she also wants flower hairclips

Nancy wants prayer for her daughter moving to an apartment for the first time

Jean wants prayer to end the death penalty and for her mom who has extra platelets

Melanie 273-4457 wants a VCR/DVD player, a recliner and an x-box 360

Brendon  671-9403 wants XL shirts, 38×32 pants any color.  wants any used furniture and household goods, he offers size 34×32 pants.

Brian 398-3290 needs a dresser and inspirational books, he wants size 32 waist pants and shorts, L t-shirts, and steel toed boots size 10, he offers yard work.

Gail wants new canning jars




2 thoughts on “Wants, Needs, and Offers April 2014

  1. Was there another Nancy at April’s Dream Seekers meeting that requested college funds? If so please add a last name/initial, if possible, since that made me uncomfortable to see that “need” and think it indicates me…not my “Wants/Needs/Offers”. Thanks, Nancy Pease

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