Wants, Needs, and Offers for December 2013

Brandon 671-9403 needs winter clothes, XL shirts 36/32
offers to help with cleaning or lifting
Carl 671-9403 would like a TV
offers to help with cleaning or lifting
Evan 671-9403 needs size 11 D shoes
offers to help clean tables
Amber 385-7748 needs 4 electric water heaters and 4 electric furnaces
needs prayer for Sam – 17 yrs. Old on dialisis for kidney disfunction
needs prayer for Rudy who needs heart surgery and for Pat who has a medical issue.
Debbie nees clothing size XXL – 3X and a walker you can sit on
Melanie needs prayer for her dog, dog wheechair, tutoring for school
wants a hockey table
offers to babysit
Lynn needs prayer
offers help cleaning up
has Avon products for sale
Dana 244-8312 needs pre-natal massage
needs size 1 and 2 diapers
Sara 248-9841 wants kids DVD’s and VHS
Skylar 275-5237 needs jeans size 34 mens, socks for shoe size 8 and 1/2
Willie 233-1164 offers 2 room humidifiers.  They   need new filters
Destiny needs a backpack
Chastity needs diapers size 6 or pull-ups 3T-4T, and size 2
offers 4T clothing
Ramadan needs votes for city council election
wants vendors for Juneteenth – 3rd Sunday in June
Frank wants prayer for our nation
Helen offers coats and shoes
Bonnie wants prayer for “Send Me Ministry”
needs prayer for our nation and community
Robert wants to see another birthday
Don wants plastic grocery bags for mats for homeless

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