August 2013 Wants, Needs, and Offers

Tim 261-0825 is willing to do handyman help

Melanie and Amber asks for prayer for bringing a new preacher to McCarthy Baptist Church  

Amber  385-0896  needs a computer for school.  She has books to offer.

Melanie wants a babysitting job

Destiny 2055-237 needs size 10 shorts

Melanie’s friend Crystal 253-1088 needs help moving furniture and trucks for this move this Sat. August 31st.  She also wants a portable dishwasher.  She will buy pizza for those helping.

Zach would like some more Pokemon cards

Gail and Gary have lost of tomatoes to share and would like some green peppers

Alexis 752-0739 needs baby cereal, diapers ( size 2), liners, orajel, baby Tylenol, girls size 6-7 clothing, girls size 14 pants and shirts, boys size 4-5 T clothing, girls size 3-4 T clothing, boys and boys 3T clothing.  


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