Wants, Needs and Offers for July 2013

Prayers are needed for these people:

Chastity – wellness for her and her unborn child

Amber – peace of mind after break in

Joshua – to quit smoking and for a job and for son to be able to control his anger

Barb – rain

Brooke – healing

Chris – good health

Kitty’s granddaughter

Gary – for Gail’s health

These are the offers:

Sarah – light up Christmas house

Nancy – cat food

April 205-6231 – bike trips for families

Flynn 573-253-9436 – books, clothing, furniture

There are the physical needs:

-Jane needs a laptop fixed

Barb 816-752-8231 – needs groups to make and serve a meal at the Haven

Alexis – needs toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, pillows, twin sheets, laundry detergent, bunkbeds, washer, dryer, kids clothing in these sizes:  Boys 3T, Girls 4T, Girls 14, and Girls 6.

Chastity needs size 6 diapers

Joshua needs a job, would like a cheap acoustical guitar, and guitar lessons

Amber would like books


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