April Wants, Needs and Offers

Ron is willing to help others work on their dream paths

Marianne is willing to help organize someone’s kitchen with them

Jackie needs prayer for 2 MO state tests for work

Flynn 673-253-9436 is willing to hold a knitting group – you provide your own yarn

Flynn 673-253-9436 needs a dog walker

Richard 816-520-6877 is willing to give some of his Dallas Cowboys collection of items

April 205-6231 needs little girl baby clothing

Alberto is willing to give foot massages

Rosemary needs help in her garden

Deb wants people to come to the May 3rd and 4th BBQ at Civic Center Park 5-11 on Friday and Saturday after the parade until 11pm

Deb has clothing sizes 6/8 women’s and size 7 Zumba shoes

Jane 816-341-6171 needs answers to a tax return question

Zack 205-6231 needs string and yarn for knitting and weaving.  He has boys clothing to offer

Janis 573-253-9506 needs someone to help with spring cleaning, she has picture frames to share

Gary 324-4931 has men’s clothing summer and winter to share

Bev 233-5821 has perennial plants to share – call for availability

Melanie 816-387-8264 needs a medium size crock pot

Melanie 816-387-8264 is willing to mow your yard with your mower.

Mitch 676-0957 plants to share




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