Wants, Needs, and Offers for January 2013

Chastity – 816-341-1262 or cgarcia @missouriwestern.edu

                                     Needs socks and clothing for 4T girl

                                   She offers size 2 diapers and 3-6 month boys clothing

                                            She offers manicures and pedicures

Jake – 816-689-8228          Offers automobile checks

Madison – 646-7427            Wants a twin bed

April 205-6231                     Wants someone with a truck to help haul stuff to the dump

Karen                                   Wants prayers for her sister-in-law in stage 4 renal cancer

Jane                                     Wants a serious running partner

Melanie                                Needs a job

                                             Wants help with a resume

                                            Offers to do mowing with homeowners equipment

Edith                                    Needs a reception hall for wedding reception

                                            Wants prayers for Chris’ niece

Sarah     248-9841              Needs diapers size 4

Destiny   destinydawnlawrence@hotmail.com    Needs a binder for school

Laurie ljp4310@gmail.com      Needs prayers for relief of neck pain

Ron      rwill@sfxstjoe.com       Offers meeting with someone to develop a dream path

Ellen       ekisker@ywcasj.org         Offers diapers size 4



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