October Wants, Needs and Offers

Sara 248-9811 needs size 4 diapers and baby wipes

Melissa 205-1460 needs girls size 16 and boys size 12 jeans, and XL boys and girls shirts

Chastity 341-1262 needs size 3 or 4 diapers and baby wipes, size 6 diaper or 2T -3T pull-ups

Chastity 341-1262 wants an exer-saucer or activity center for baby

Chastity 341-1262 offers books and manicures

Marven Blkpanthr1@yahoo.com needs clothes, job and car

Marven Blkpanthr1@yahoo.com offers laborer or yard work

Ashley needs a crib and mattress for a baby in March

Ashley needs a toddler mattresss – size of a crib mattress for 3 year old daughter

Amber needs a twin bed and mattress and dresser for 8 year old girl

Sam needs toddler bed

Kelsy needs 2T – 3T pants for a girl

Max James needs 8′ x 4′ plywood 5-8 pieces

Marianne 232-2508 ext. 239 needs newborn diapers

Judi 232-2508 offers a computer printer

Madison 646-7427 needs baby clothes 24 month boys and size 6 girl clothes

Ron 232-8449 wants a joke book

Jane 341-6171 wants a tutor in Spanish

Jackie needs size 7/8 shirts, size 7 pants, and size 2 shoes for little girl

Jackie offers girls clothing for 1-2 years of age

Jackie offers tutoring to any age

Ana offers toys

Al offers big brother type support

Al needs a recliner

April’s daughter will babysit

Ramadan needs 10 people interested in sewing

Dae’yonna offers clothes size 7/8 and shoes size 2

Kristina wants prayers for her grandma during a knee replacement surgery

Janis 573-253-9506 wants a 1/4″ rachet wrench with a 3″ extension or an adapter for 3/8″ to 1/4″

Janis 573-253-9506 offers hauling, racking and mowing

Gary offers men’s clothing size large and XL


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