Needs, Wants and Offers for September

April T. 205-6231 needs someone to help her neighbor paint some window sills.
April T. offers a 13″ black and white TV
Brook J. 385-6642 needs a crib for a baby
Natalia L. and Baily M. 294-4745 and 244-6533 are offering to babysit
Sara B. 248-9841 needs size 4 diapers
Sara B offers 24 month boys clothing and toy cars
Christy M. 341-1262 needs size 3 diapers and wipes and pull-ups, She needs 3 T and 6-9 month
boys clothing and a 3T winter coat, as well as a crib for a boy.
Christy wants craft supplies
Sarretta 233-8300 offers a plastic tricycle
Jane 341-6171 offers a small humidifier


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