This is Mary, G…

This is Mary, Gail, and Deb from Cherokee, Iowa.  We arrived here around 4:30pm and to our delight Cherokee is a beautiful place.  The quaint downtown is host to many interesting restaurants, pubs and shops.  The historic architecture is well cared for and very handsome.  The local motel is clean, bright and warm, thank God as we are expecting 6 degrees below zero when we wake up in the morning.  

There is snow and ice on the ground but the roads were clear the entire trip.  It is a blessing for us to not have traveled yesterday as we must have seen a dozen cars and a semi-tractor trailer truck on the side of the road along the way not to mention the eight or so deer.  

“The only reliable enough tool for social change is the building of close, personal relationships.  We get to love each other.”  Harvey Jackins

We are ready for the work this week will bring.  Keep us in your prayers!



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