What is Dream Seekers?

Dream Seekers is a result of a nearly two-year effort by participants from local churches and civic groups. The goal is to create a circle of persons from many different backgrounds and build friendships and trust that will break down divisions in our community and create a support system that will help all participants enrich their lives and realize their dreams. In the beginning, the circle(s) will meet once a month for a meal, friendship, and fun. Each group will evolve based on the preferences, needs, and dreams of its participants.

Dream Seekers is committed to building relationships between people from all walks of life, to breaking the pattern of isolation that exists in our community, and to addressing the issues and challenges of poverty. Dream Seekers acknowledges that we all experience some type of poverty in our lives, and we all experience some form of isolation.
The relationships that develop in Dream Seekers are based on the belief that all persons have gifts, dreams, and needs. The relationships are built on reciprocity.
Dream Seekers is about our heads and our hearts. It is driven by a passion to walk with one another, so we all become the best version of ourselves. It aims to break down stereotypes that develop when we live in our isolated neighborhoods and have no real communication with one another across economic or racial barriers.


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